How can you help?

PCYO is providing an amazing service to our community!! How can you help?

We always need financial sponsors:

  • Sponsor the cost of a child for an amazing year in PCYO…..$300
    (although our program is free, obviously we have costs we absorb!!)
  • Sponsor a week long string camp for all our students….$5000
  • Sponsor an instrument for a child….$250
  • Buy a set of music for our next season…$60
  • Sponsor a scholarship for advanced education for our faculty…$5000
  • Sponsor a tour opportunity for all the students…any amount helps

We also need venues for performance opportunities. We can supply a large group or small ensembles or soloists.

  • community service can we help you raise funds or serve our community?
  • performance opportunities that would be fun for the students!! Got an event for which they would enjoy playing…let us know!
  • Christmas parties, weddings, receptions, restaurants…let’s get these students earning money with their hard work and dedication!!